Who Dat?  It's Drew Brees (POOL MVP), who threw for 732 yards and
8 touchdowns without an interception.  The lead in the Playoff Pool
changed hands a record 4x in SB44 (including twice in the 4th
quarter).  Eventual champion
A and S took the Playoff Pool lead right
after the 2-minute warning on a 17- yard catch by Joseph Addai.  
A and
had Brees at QB.  His wide receivers (Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon
and Devery Henderson) combined for 597 receiving yards and 5 TDs in
the Pool.  Jeremy Shockey TE added 2 more TDs.  RB Reggie Bush had
a break-out playoffs with 3 TDs and RB Joseph Addai had 135 yards
from scrimmage in SB44.  
A and S had the Pool's top-scoring kicker
Garrett Hartley (29 points).  
A and S also got 5 forced turnovers and 5
sacks from Baltimore's defense.  
Former champion
Chris Ditoro had the Pool lead in the 4th quarter of
Ditoro's lead lasted until 5:46 remaining in the game, when
Jeremy Shockey's TD catch put
GZAT in the Pool's top position.  GZAT
was overtaken by
A and S after the 2-minute warning.    
2010 RECAP
Champ- A and S
2nd Pl- GZAT (Salerno)
3rd Pl- DITORO
(Ditoro also wins separate prize for best
entry with no more than 3 players from
same NFL team)

Week 3- DANBIL (Knipfing)
Week 2- THE PROBLEM (Collins)
2011 RECAP
Champ- Courtney Cusick
2nd Pl- SOFTY (Terranova)
3rd Pl- DOUBLE L  (Lynch)

Week 3- Courtney Cusick
Week 2- SHOE DOGS (Dateno)
DIV RD ONLY- Courtney Cusick
Courtney Cusick wins the 13th annual Fantasy Playoff Pool.  Cusick
outscored all other entries during the Division Round by 19 fantasy
points.  Cusick still sat over 36 fantasy points behind with 19 teams in
front of her, but none of those teams had a full roster still active as did
she.  After the Championship games, Cusick had the overall lead in the
Pool by two fantasy points.  Then she took off.  
Cusick built her lead to
23 points by halftime of SB45 with TDs from Jordy Nelson, Hines Ward
and the Green Bay defense.  In the end,
Cusick was not only the Pool's
first female winner, but had won by the largest margin ever (33 fantasy
Cusick had Aaron Rodgers, who threw for 1,094 yards and 9 TDs and
ran for another 2 TDs.  Rodgers was Pool MVP, Super Bowl MVP and
the highest scoring Pool QB of all-time.  
Cusick also had the Pool's top
RB, Rashard Mendenhall, who ran for 230 yards and 4 TDs.  The Packer
defense came up big for
Cusick scoring 3 TDs in the playoffs, while
forcing 9 turnovers and recording 11 sacks.
In SB 45, receivers Jordy Nelson and Hines Ward combined for 16
catches and 218 yards with 2 TDs.  Nelson, in the playoffs had 286
receiving yards and 2 TDs.  He did not have a catch in the opening
round.  Nelson was $5 and selected on only 12 entries.
Eli Manning became the 3rd straight QB to lead the Playoff Pool in
points and then culminate his playoff run with a Super Bowl MVP.  
'Elite' Eli threw for 1,296 yards with 9 TDs and 1 interception.  The
Pool's MVP was Hakeem Nicks, who had 28 receptions for 444 yards
and 4 TDs.   He finished with the 2nd highest point total ever for a WR.
SGC rode Eli and Nicks to the 14th Fantasy Playoff Pool Championship.  
SGC also had the top RB in the Pool, Houston's Arian Foster.  Foster
rushed for 285 yards and 3 TDs.  The fourth key player on
SGC's roster
was tight end Rob Gronkowski.  Gronk had 145 yards receiving and 3
scores in Week 2 to help
SGC grab the lead in the Pool.  SGC never
relinquished its lead and became the 3rd team to win each of the
Pool's final three weeks.
SGC almost won the Division Round week as well.  SGC lost the week
by less than one fantasy point.  In the week,
SGC got a negative
fantasy point total from Pierre Thomas.  Thomas suffered a costly
injury.  He was knocked out in the 1st quarter with a concussion.  
Thomas fumbled on the play to lose a fantasy point.  Nevertheless,
Callahan takes home the most prize $$$ ever with
2012 RECAP
Champ- SGC (Callahan)
2nd Pl- UNCLE JACK (Malone)
3rd Pl- 105 CRESCENT  (Ringen)

Week 3-SGC
Week 2- SGC
DIV RD ONLY- NOVA  (Terranova)
Week 1- CRACKERJACK  (Moore)
2013 RECAP
Champ- RUSSO
2nd Pl- B&V (Freidman/Tohl)
3rd Pl- Frank Fiorino

Week 3-RUSSO
DIV RD ONLY- Matt Butler
Week 1- Victorious Secret  
For the 15th annual Fantasy Playoff Pool Championship there once
again wasn’t much drama for the Super Bowl.  
Ron Russo took a 29+
point lead into SB47 with 7 positions still active.  
Russo extended the
victory margin during SB47 to win by a record 38.3 fantasy points.  It is
the third straight year that more than 20 points separated the top two
rosters in the pool.  The top entries were all separated by large
margins.  Former champion,
Pescatore, finished in fourth, but was 76
fantasy points behind the leader.
Russo maxed out on Ravens & 49ers (the two Super Bowl teams).  
Russo's team was carried by Joe Flacco (Pool MVP & Super Bowl
MVP),  who had a flawless post-season and led the Ravens through
four playoff games.  Flacco threw for 1,140 yards and 11 touchdowns
without an interception.  
Russo had the two top Wide Receivers:
Anquan Boldin, 380 receiving yards, and Michael Crabtree, 275
receiving yards.  Both Boldin and Crabtree scored 4 TDs.  Russo's
running backs, Frank Gore and Ray Rice,  combined for over 750 yards
from scrimmage and six touchdowns.  Gore was the top RB in the
Fantasy Playoff Pool. Tight end, Vernon Davis logged 12 catches for
254 yards and a TD.  Davis was the second best tight end in the pool.  
Russo used the Ravens defense.  Baltimore had the pool's best
defense forcing 10 turnovers, registering 9 sacks and scoring a TD.  
Winning the 16th annual FANTASY PLAYOFF POOL took some week one
Luck.  Andrew Luck that is.  Luck threw for 443 yards and 4 TDs while
scoring another TD on a fumble recovery in week one.  Pool Champion,
SNOOP, had Luck amongst a trio of Colts that racked up 131 fantasy
points before their week two elimination.  Luck (QB), Donald Brown
(RB) and T.Y. Hilton (WR) each finished as top 3 scorers in their
respective positions.   
SNOOP saw $10 RB Lynch carry the load from
there.  Lynch (Pool MVP) was in 'beastmode' and finished with 288
yards on the ground and 4 scores.  
SNOOP also had Seattle's kicker
(Hauschka) and defense.  Both were the top-scorers at their positions.  
SNOOP was 6 fantasy points behind the lead entering SB48 and
grabbed the lead less than 5 minutes in.  The Seattle defense recorded
a safety on their first play from scrimmage.  That set up a Hauschka
FG, which gave
SNOOP the lead which he never yielded.  Before
halftime of SB48,
SNOOP had built more than a 20-point lead with TDs
from Lynch and the Seattle defense.  
SNOOP held on to win the Pool
by a 9-point fantasy margin over
SNOOP was the Fantasy Playoff Pool's 2007 winner as well and he is
the first ever 2x champion.  Luck is the first QB in 10 years to be on the
Pool Championship roster without making it to the Super Bowl.
2014 RECAP
Champ- SNOOP (Pugliese)
2nd Pl- BOLTZNY (R Gomez)
3rd Pl- Bob Dateno
5th Pl- BOLTZNY (R Gomez)
6th Pl- SNOOP
7th Pl- SIC SENSE (Otero)

Week 2- HURRICANE IRA (Libov)
Note that the Playoff Pool year is one year
later than the corresponding NFL season.