Emilio Pescatore was 9 fantasy points behind MORTY after week one and each
team had 7 players in common.  The only differences existed at RB and WR
positions where
PESCATORE had rookie Tim Hightower (RB) and Vincent Jackson
(WR), and MORTY had Brian Westbrook (RB) and Jerheme Urban (WR).  Vincent
Jackson, who was the second-best receiver in the 2008 pool, was arrested during
the week for DUI, but still played in the Divisional Playoff game.  He scored a quick
1st-quarter TD on a 41-yard pass.  Tim Hightower also scored a 1st-quarter TD for
PESTCATORE.  Morty’s duo of Westbrook and Urban never found the end zone in
week two and were outscored 23-4 by Pescatore’s duo.  Thus,
over the Fantasy Playoff Pool’s top spot.  
PETE DEE had the best week (114 fantasy
points) and moved into third place.    

Larry Fitzgerald (WR) had 166 yards receiving and a TD.  Fitz has 41 fantasy points
and is on 18 of the top 20 entries.  Darren Sproles (RB) had been quiet for most of
week two, but caught a 62-yard TD pass with 2:03 remaining.  Sproles is currently
tied with Fitzgerald for the most points in the pool with 41, but is no longer playing.  
The Arizona defense had another strong week adding 6 turnovers and 2 sacks.  Each
of the current top 3 entries has Fitzgerald, Sproles and the Arizona defense along
with Antonio Gates (TE) and Neil Rackers (K).

MORTY has a good chance to regain the Pool lead next week.  MORTY trails
PESCATORE by only 10 fantasy points and sends Westbrook and Urban against
rookie Tim Hightower.